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Unlocking Your Future: Continuing Education at NEIEP

At a time when technological advancements can feel relentless, the need to continuously hone your skills has never been more important. In the elevator industry, professionals must embrace the swift changes in technology, as well as what can feel like seismic shifts in industry norms. As ours and other industries evolve due to these changes, the demand for highly skilled workers increases.

Today, many employers seek individuals who embrace challenges and view learning as an ongoing journey. At NEIEP, continuing education (CE) is a central pillar, providing professionals with the skills and education necessary to ensure they prosper in the face of change. By investing in your own professional development through NEIEP’s extensive CE course catalog, you demonstrate this attitude and position yourself for long-term career success.

Plot Your Own Career Trajectory

Lifelong learners unlock doors to long-term success by regularly acquiring and refining skills. This approach to professional life positions people to increase their earning potential and insulate their position in the event of an industry downturn. IUEC Members can adopt this perspective on continuing education and reap the benefits of NEIEP’s far-reaching CE opportunities.

NEIEP’s CE course catalog is crafted, revised, and delivered by industry experts with decades of experience getting to know and understand the needs of professionals in the elevator industry. NEIEP offers cutting-edge lessons in fully equipped, modernized settings to provide learners with high-demand technical skills, such as advanced control systems and modernization techniques. Mastering these and similar skills gives students an edge in the competitive elevator industry job market.

The increase in applicable skills also generates enhanced earning potential, opening potential doors and avenues available only to those who demonstrate a willingness to learn. Becoming a lifelong learner is one of the fastest ways to increase your opportunities as employers value those who show true commitment to professional growth.

NEIEP’s CE Program Fuels Career Growth

NEIEP’s CE program covers a variety of topics to enhance technical skills, including classes centered on electric and hydraulic systems and troubleshooting. NEIEP’s CE courses go far beyond technical skill options, however, with many classes focused on improving students’ soft skills. Specific accreditations are available in many areas, including Signaling & Rigging, CPR/First Aid/AED, Forklifts & Aerial Lifts, Welding, and OSHA safety standards.

If you’ve completed your apprenticeship at NEIEP, you’ll know what to expect from lessons: hands-on training in various labs with industry-leading Instructors, as well as comprehensive online courses you can take at your own pace. The course catalog is so broad that there are classes to fit any individual learning style or restrictive schedule. As our industry evolves, NEIEP maintains its focus on providing all learners with the latest education options, ensuring the Elevator Apprentices, Mechanics, and Instructors that form part of the NEIEP community are equipped with the latest in-demand skills.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

The sense of pride in our community of professionals is a fundamental aspect of life at NEIEP. Within the walls of any NEIEP location, you’re never alone, and the diverse community of peers acts as a source of support and strength for those who spend time here. NEIEP fosters a strong sense of community, and the CE courses offered act as a vehicle for interaction between like-minded individuals who share experiences and forge meaningful connections within the community.

The expansive learning opportunities, mentorship offered, and sense of belonging combine to create a learning environment in which students can prosper regardless of their age, experience, or expertise. A good learning environment leads to better lessons, improving the collective skillset of the community of learners at NEIEP.

This community of learners that you join will prove to be invaluable and could potentially lead to unexpected opportunities for career advancement. After all, not too many people join the industry with plans to become an Elevator Instructor, but here we are with a team of outstanding Instructors who lend their time and expertise to ensure the success of our educational program.

Rise to the Challenge

Every passing moment is an opportunity to take control of your own career and plot your path to success, no matter what that looks like to you. For those who want to reach their potential in the elevator industry, NEIEP is here to provide support and guidance with the comprehensive CE course catalog.

Learn more about NEIEP’s CE courses so you can expand your knowledge and create the career you’ve always wanted for yourself.