Continuing elevator education with NEIEP

Command Your Own Career with NEIEP’s Continuing Education

Ours is an industry at the mercy of technological advancements and evolving safety requirements. The strongest of structures can become the subject of repair, and the most secure of working environments could, in the future, be considered unsafe. The same is true of professionals in our industry. While your initial IUEC education and apprenticeship training at NEIEP prepares you with a robust foundation, Mechanics who embrace lifelong learning tend to stay ahead of the curve.

Far from being just about acquiring new skills, embracing learning in your career and throughout your lifetime demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding your career progress, fostering personal growth, and cultivating a mindset that enables you to reach your full potential.

How Lifelong Learning Insulates Elevator Careers

Technology has always dictated the way elevators operate and are maintained, and NEIEP’s Continuing Education (CE) courses offer classes that equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate any unforeseen technological advancements without your skillset becoming irrelevant. In this way, lifelong learning lets you acquire new skills, or refine existing ones, that can insulate you from a future where your skills have lost their edge or are no longer needed.

Engaging in continuing education also lets you explore new topics in the elevator industry that may have passed you by. Broadening your knowledge base is a fantastic reason to embrace new niches within the industry, and this approach to your career also opens doors to new opportunities and challenges, keeping your job intellectually stimulating.

As you well know, safety is paramount in the elevator industry, and NEIEP’s CE program offers a comprehensive selection of safety-focused classes that will keep you in the know regarding the latest industry safety regulations and best practices. Staying current on safety issues minimizes risks on the job, ensuring your safety, your colleagues’ safety, and that of the riding public.

Embracing a growth mindset that is open to learning new skills and sharpening safety awareness will clarify that knowledge and skills can – and should – be continuously developed. This mindset can fuel career progression and introduce new and exciting ideas to an industry that thrives on innovation.

NEIEP’s CE Course Catalog: A Wellspring of Knowledge

NEIEP’s CE course catalog is designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of IUEC members. With a wide range of topics and delivery methods, you can be sure that there’s a course to fit your preferred learning style and schedule. The quality of  NEIEP’s classroom-based CE courses is enhanced by the focus on hands-on training with the use of a variety of labs designed to explore specific concepts and skills. If you prefer the practicality and engagement of learning by doing in a safe and focused in-person environment, there’s a NEIEP CE course for you.

And the variety of topics covered is truly unmatched. Elevator Mechanics can choose to refine their practical skills with courses focused on troubleshooting electrical and hydraulic systems, mastering meter usage for precise diagnostics, and ensuring perfect motor alignment. If you are seeking specific credentials, you can earn industry-recognized certifications in areas such as CPR/First Aid/AED, Welding, Signaling & Rigging, Forklifts & Aerial Lifts, and OSHA safety standards.

NEIEP’s CE program offers courses that elevate your professional development, no matter what area of your skillset needs attention.

IUEC Elevator Professionals: The Best (and Safest) in the Business

NEIEP’s commitment to continuing education is a key pillar in making IUEC Elevator Mechanics the best and safest in the industry. Choosing to deepen your knowledge and expertise in a specific area does not reveal a lack of understanding; it shows a person with a positive mindset who is willing to take on new challenges to solidify their career and boost their professional prospects.

Staying ahead of the curve, and keeping pace with technological advancements, is what happens when you embrace lifelong learning. For workers in the elevator industry, there is no finer option when it comes to CE than NEIEP’s extensive course offerings. The dedication to lifelong learning at NEIEP and the IUEC fosters a culture of excellence within the union, ensuring that members consistently deliver only the highest quality in elevator construction, maintenance, service, and repair.

Become the commander of your own career with NEIEP’s CE courses. You’ll not only safeguard your current job, but you’ll contribute to an industry committed to safety, innovation, and exceptional service.