NEIEP trainer Xavier Rivera

Xavier’s Electrifying Journey in the Elevator Industry

The vibrant energy that characterizes Miami pulses through the veins of Xavier Rivera, a NEIEP Instructor whose rise within the industry has been nothing short of meteoric. Xavier’s professional trajectory is a testament to the transformative power of an outlook on life that embraces curiosity, learning, and sharing knowledge. Xavier’s path features a diverse set of roles, a wealth of lessons learned, and a vision for the future that will inspire the Elevator Apprentices, Mechanics, and Instructors that pass through NEIEP’s doors.

Laying the Groundwork

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Xavier’s working life began at the age of 18. His initial entry into the world of technical systems came in a role at ISFTM for the Florida DOT where he worked primarily on fiber optic cables. Here he honed his skills in installation and programming, developing a keen eye for detail and a knack for troubleshooting along the way. While this position appears far removed from the world of elevators, these valuable skills and experience would set Xavier up for success in the elevator industry.

Inspired by his uncle, a respected Adjuster for TKE in Florida, Xavier prepared to join NEIEP’s Apprenticeship Program. The devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, however, temporarily derailed these plans.  But Xavier wouldn’t let this prevent him from following in his uncle’s footsteps, and he soon successfully applied for the NEIEP Apprenticeship Program.

Embracing the Journey from Apprentice to Mechanic and Beyond

As an IUEC Apprentice, taking classes at NEIEP proved to be a pivotal moment in Xavier’s career. Not only did he acquire the necessary technical skills needed to excel in this industry, but he was also thrust into a learning environment, surrounded by individuals with meaningful industry experience and knowledge. The program fosters a diverse learning setting, with students and instructors from all corners of the trade. Thanks to his own curiosity and keen interest in the topics being taught, Xavier thrived in this environment.

Xavier’s natural aptitude for electrical engineering soon became evident, and he gravitated toward specific tasks that incorporated adjusting and troubleshooting elevator systems. Propelled by a genuine passion for understanding the “why” behind things, he quickly established himself as a skilled Apprentice and was set up as a Temporary Mechanic as a seventy percenter and ultimately earned an Adjuster role at TKE as an eighty percenter.

Beyond the Nuts and Bolts: A Calling to Educate

In addition to the success that followed as an Adjuster, Xavier found a deeper calling within – the drive to share knowledge and empower others. One early incident in his career demonstrates where his in-depth understanding of electrical components came to the rescue. During an on-site job, a burning resistor stumped those charged with repairing the system. Xavier’s grasp of electrical principles, however, enabled his diagnosis of the problem.

This experience solidified a belief for Xavier – that true mastery is not simply fixing the problem, but using your expertise, knowledge, and experience to equip others with the tools they need to prevent such problems in the future. With this in mind, Xavier pressed on in his professional development, passing the Mechanics exam in November 2023. But Xavier’s drive didn’t stop there, and he quickly began exploring the pathways to becoming a NEIEP Instructor.

One of the driving forces behind this goal was the desire to bridge what he sees as the knowledge gap between veteran Elevator Mechanics and the younger generation entering the industry. He believes students need to understand how systems work and why certain procedures are put in place to deal with them.

A Vision for the Future: Sharpening Minds and Elevating Standards

Xavier is a firm believer in the transformative power of education. Despite the fact that the industry is touted to grow in the coming years and he anticipates no shortage of work for his peers, he believes that there are some areas that would benefit from a renewed focus on education and training. He believes NEIEP plays the key role in renewing this focus, and Xavier has urged others to follow his path and embrace the industry-leading education and safety training offered at NEIEP.

Xavier is a true innovator, and his aspirations extend beyond the confines of a classroom. He spends much of his spare time coding and building his own circuit boards, and his relentless pursuit of ways to improve the elevator industry should stand him in good stead during the next phases of his career.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Xavier’s story is a unique and fascinating one and serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to break into the elevator industry. Xavier’s path was by no means a straight line, but his passion and dedication, coupled with NEIEP’s premier Apprenticeship Program, have provided him with a prosperous career at a young age.

Xavier wants to serve as an inspiration for those coming after him and, as he said himself, “Anybody can do this. Take your time, find an interest in what you’re doing, and doors will start opening for you.