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The National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP)

What is NEIEP?

NEIEP crafts, implements, and maintains the most complete education program available in the elevator industry.

Leading elevator industry education

NEIEP’S curriculum is available to some 30,000 industry members across the US covered by the agreement between Signatory Contractors and the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC).

NEIEP’s mandate

To deliver world-class education, training, and safety awareness to elevator constructors, maintaining our position as the most highly-skilled labor force in the conveyance industry.

Meet NEIEP’s New Executive Director

“Today, it is a great program. With some help and dedication from the staff, tomorrow, NEIEP will be extraordinary” – Dave Morgan

NEIEP Trustees

NEIEP trustees play a vital role in shaping the future of the elevator industry, and their efforts and expertise ensure the safety, professionalism, and education of union members.

  • Larry J. McGann
    NEIEP Trustee Chairman 2023
  • Abel J. Arabitg
    NEIEP Trustee
  • Robert P. Capuani Jr.
    NEIEP Trustee
  • Randy J. Chistolini
    NEIEP Trustee
  • Leonard R. Legotte
    NEIEP Trustee
  • John Faure
    NEIEP Trustee Co-Chairman 2023
  • Paul Caffarelli
    NEIEP Trustee
  • Michael Campbell
    NEIEP Trustee
  • Marc Holyoke
    NEIEP Trustee
  • Jack Upchurch
    NEIEP Trustee
NEIEP Locations

NEIEP runs classroom training in over 100 sites throughout the country. Check out the NEIEP Training Site Locations.

NEIEP - Headquarters

NEIEP - Training Center

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