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Paul Miller: Elevating Lives Through Expertise and Passion

Over the course of one’s life, pivotal decisions can alter the trajectory of that person’s journey. For Paul Miller, one of the elevator industry’s seasoned professionals, life’s path weaved its way through the worlds of electrical engineering and firefighting before settling into the fascinating world of elevators. Paul’s story is one of dedication, evolution, and a deep-rooted passion for both his craft and the people he serves with his work.

Born in West Virginia before moving to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area aged 14, Paul’s academic journey began with a focus on electrical engineering. Despite excelling in his core engineering classes, fate had other plans for Paul as he embarked on an unexpected eight-year stint as a firefighter while he continued his studies. Firefighting became a real career possibility for Paul, setting his sights on becoming a technical rescue expert given his background in electrical engineering. It all changed for Paul when he met his wife, anchoring him in Cincinnati.

Happily married for 29 years and the proud father of three children, Paul’s family ties to the elevator industry meant that a career in the industry was always in the back of his mind. But Paul’s family had strong ties to another area of work, and though he ultimately chose to study electrical engineering, Paul strongly considered joining the seminary. After exploring other avenues, Paul succumbed to the allure of the elevator industry which he has described as more exciting than his firefighting days. Entering the industry in 1999, few could have predicted the illustrious career Paul would have over the course of the coming two decades as an elevator professional.

Paul kicked off his elevator career as a helper in IUEC Local 11, Cincinnati, and started taking classes in the years just prior to NEIEP becoming a DOL-registered apprenticeship program. Paul’s graduating class was one of the first to complete the program as Apprentices, continuing to combine on-the-job training with rigorous coursework. Armed with his knowledge of electrical engineering, Paul excelled, spending a significant portion of his apprenticeship as a temporary Mechanic before officially earning his stripes in 2003.

But Paul’s ambition didn’t stop there. As a keen observer and dedicated lifelong learner, Paul wanted to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation of elevator professionals, and in 2004, Paul took his first venture into teaching, marking a new chapter in his already impressive career. Mentored by stalwarts like Ron McKay and learning from other industry experts including his brother and father, Paul honed his skills as an Instructor and was invited to join a team creating the Line Starter lab. Paul now leads the Line Starter Lab Workshop for Instructors in Warwick, Rhode Island.

As the elevator industry evolved, so did Paul’s role and responsibilities. From manual wire terminations to modern computerized systems, he witnessed the industry’s metamorphosis firsthand. Despite the convenience of modern technology, Paul has stressed the importance of understanding the fundamentals. Bridging the gap between past wisdom and modern-day innovation, Paul is dedicated to educating the future workforce in a manner that echoes NEIEP’s core mission of developing versatile and knowledgeable elevator professionals.

Paul’s affection for NEIEP transcends professional boundaries and embodies a sense of camaraderie and family. Beyond imparting technical skills and safety education, NEIEP fosters a sense of community that Paul has felt for himself. For him, NEIEP represents much more than an educational institution, taking on the form of a support system where colleagues evolve into lifelong friends.

Paul is excited about where the industry is headed and he envisions a future in which safety remains paramount. He wants every worker to return home safe, and his passion for training and nurturing talent lights a path toward a brighter, safer elevator industry. Thanks to his steadfast commitment to excellence and unwavering commitment to his craft, Paul Miller continues to elevate the lives of all those he meets.