The New NEIEP Website

The elevator industry we all know and love has undergone notable changes in recent years. Here at NEIEP, we feel the impact of those changes more than most, and it is our duty as the number one elevator industry professional education program to keep up with or get ahead of these changes. One way we’ve done this is by spending a significant amount of time revamping the NEIEP website in recent months so that our online home reflects who we are as an organization. 

With change comes great opportunity and our brand new website will generate fantastic opportunities for NEIEP and the elevator industry by adequately demonstrating for would-be apprentices just how attractive a career as an elevator constructor truly is. Our new website also shows qualified mechanics the extent of the continuing education courses available to them. All of these changes mean the new NEIEP website will positively impact all union members in the industry, whether they are starting on their journey or are looking to fine-tune their already existing skills.

Why Now?

The team at NEIEP has long discussed reinventing the website, and the justifications for doing so were plentiful. There have been some major changes at NEIEP recently, including Dave Morgan’s appointment as the new Executive Director. Dave has been open about his vision for NEIEP’s future and implementing new technologies is one of his major goals. The first step in this technological revolution is the new website.

We wanted a website that offered an improved user experience in the hopes of attracting more new apprentices and making it as easy as possible for union members to continue their education. We wanted a website that would properly showcase all the fantastic services NEIEP offers to union members.

By initially focusing on improving the front end of the new website, we knew we could offer the elevated user experience we all wanted to offer. The process involved in making this goal a reality was unrelenting, and thanks to our collaborative work with our digital partner inSegment, we were able to address all the issues we identified and transform the appearance and functionality of the website.

The Results

Website redesign is no small undertaking, and the NEIEP team showed exceptional dedication, organization, and coordination to properly identify the features that needed to be improved upon, new features and functionalities that needed to be added to the website, and by sharing great suggestions about how to maximize the interest in the available resources. 

From the moment users click on the new NEIEP homepage, they will take in a completely new experience when compared to browsing the old website. The new homepage presents several new features, including intuitive navigational elements and important information. But that’s just the beginning. Beyond the homepage, users are guaranteed to find answers to the questions that led them to the NEIEP website.

Opportunities Page

Perhaps the most important change we made to our website was the complete reworking of what is now called the Opportunities page. Here, interested individuals can find all the information they need to apply to become an apprentice at NEIEP. With step-by-step instructions on what the recruitment process holds, would-be apprentices will know exactly what lies ahead of them.

Our Opportunities page also contains an interactive map with the locations and recruitment windows of each International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) Local across the United States. The map allows users to easily search by Local name, by state, or according to a designated distance from a chosen city or ZIP code.

The Newsroom

Next on our list of sweeping improvements made to the website is the new media center known as The Newsroom. Nestled under the About Us tab, this page shows users just how much happens at NEIEP, with the News section, in particular, highlighting important updates from inside the organization. Along with the News section, users will find the NEIEP Blog, filled with in-depth articles about the most important issues affecting NEIEP, our affiliate organizations, and the elevator industry as a whole. 

As well as sharing important NEIEP news in the News section, we have a dedicated In the Media element that shares references to NEIEP from across the web and other media so that any interested parties are kept informed on NEIEP’s various media appearances, collaborative efforts, and presence at events.

Finally, for all the NEIEP diehards out there, users will be able to access the organization’s publications, namely the Conduit newsletter and LIFT magazine. We are particularly excited about Conduit, which has undergone somewhat of a facelift. As well as a new and improved design, Conduit will now also be available to more readers than ever before, allowing us to push the creative limits with the type of content we can include in the newsletter moving forward.

Course Information

The next major change we’ve brought to the website is our selection of easy-to-find courses, programs, and catalogs. From continuing education courses aimed at industry members who want to continue perfecting their trade to the full list of course information relating to the Apprenticeship Program, our new Courses & Programs tab has all the information. Here you’ll also find a complete course catalog and information on our NEIEP College Transfer Programs, an initiative in which NEIEP partners with a selection of colleges and universities to offer NEIEP apprentices college credit for the work they complete during their training program.

Overhauled FAQs

One final, and sometimes forgotten, section of the website that we put a lot of work into reinvigorating is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. The new NEIEP Help Center is available for anyone who needs answers to the most common questions that visitors to the website face. Whether it’s information on the recruitment and interview process, the benefits of joining the union, or simply some further insight into what a regular day looks like for an elevator constructor, it can be found on this page.

Building on Brilliance

Developing the new website will kick start a period of growth for NEIEP, where we plan to embrace technological advances that bring ease of use to our current apprentices and mechanics, as well as the apprentices and mechanics of tomorrow. As mentioned, the new NEIEP website offers users an elevated experience when browsing the site or searching for important information they need. 

NEIEP is the leading education program for elevator professionals in the country. The best mechanics in the business were trained and educated at NEIEP, and the best apprentices are currently being trained and educated at NEIEP. We can proudly say that we have a website that reflects both NEIEP’s position as the industry leader in elevator professional education and our union members’ position as the best elevator workers in the country.