NEIEP Classroom 2.0 Technology upgrade

The Future Is Now: Introducing Classroom 2.0

Staying at the forefront of education in the elevator industry is something NEIEP takes very seriously. From our premier elevator apprenticeship program to the wide variety of continuing education courses available, our curriculum is the foundation of a quality education. Another important ingredient in our recipe for success is the setting in which our students learn: NEIEP’s new Classroom 2.0, a significant upgrade to classroom environments and tools for learning that is currently coming to fruition in NEIEP locations across the country.

Our reasons for maximizing the potential of our classroom setting are simple: we want to bring cutting-edge technology to the classroom and establish industry-leading consistency in the classroom experience, regardless of what NEIEP location students attend. We’ve made some notable improvements and NEIEP’s Classroom 2.0 is truly a fantastic learning environment.

Tech Specs and Aesthetic Improvements

Classroom 2.0 re-envisions the physical environment for learning, aiming for a level of consistency that ensures NEIEP students will experience the same quality program no matter where they attend class. With new tables, chairs, improved lighting, and a carefully selected combination of new paint colors for classroom walls, a student from one part of the country who visits a NEIEP classroom in a Local thousands of miles away will recognize the same welcoming conditions for learning. These aesthetic changes create a comfortable environment in which our Elevator Apprentices, as well as Elevator Mechanics taking continuing education courses, can take advantage of the new and improved technology designed to enhance their classroom experience.

Smart screen in classroom 2.0NEIEP has integrated a TouchView smart screen display in the new classroom. This interactive display transforms the classroom setting into an engaging and modernized learning environment. Instructors can demonstrate easily, increase text size, and even invite multiple students to work on the display at one time, truly revolutionizing the way in which students can learn and hone their skills. The TouchView Interactive display is Ultra High Definition with stunning 4K resolution and is touchscreen capable of responding to 20 simultaneous points of touch. It includes magnetic pen annotation with a smooth writing surface, which is durable and easy to clean. TouchView transforms all web pages, software, and apps into fully touch-capable screen views. Instructors can also use the display to connect directly with student devices to create fully engaged, active learning opportunities.

These changes, particularly the introduction of high-tech learning equipment, have been shown to drive motivation and enthusiasm not only in younger students taking apprenticeship courses, but in all students. And it’s not just the students that benefit from new tools; the instructors gain substantially too.

Empowering Education with Cutting-Edge Tools

Equipping classrooms with the latest technology opens a door of opportunity to both students and instructors alike. Interactive displays and advanced software can transform learning from a passive activity into an interactive and engaging experience. This dynamic approach creates a more stimulating learning environment and can also greatly improve a student’s understanding and knowledge retention.

Additionally, new technologies empower instructors to tap into a wider range of resources and teaching methods. By giving instructors access to this technology, NEIEP encourages them to embrace their creativity and innovative thinking, allowing educators to tailor their teaching styles to the different learning preferences they will likely encounter during their time at NEIEP.

Creating a Consistent and Equitable Learning Environment

Classroom 2.0 is a wonderful setting for learning, and our drive to standardize the technology across all NEIEP classrooms will have a sizable impact on promoting equity in education within the Elevator Industry. NEIEP aims to ensure that all students have access to the same tools and resources, creating a level playing field that provides every student with a fair opportunity to succeed.

Importantly, standardized technology facilitates the teaching of a standardized curriculum in which all students get the practice they need using various tools and resources. This approach ensures that all students are not just exposed to the same core concepts and learning objectives, but that they all receive a unified learning experience that lays the foundations for their professional development.

Finally, the standardization of NEIEP classrooms fosters collaboration among educators. Instructors can share best practices in relation to the advanced technology, reinforcing our network of support that allows educators to refine their skills, as they help students develop and hone their own.

Driving the Elevator Industry Forward

The firm focus NEIEP places on the quality of its students’ experiences keeps the elevator industry moving in the right direction. As NEIEP’s Executive Director Dave Morgan has said, “the main objective of the NEIEP program is to supply the Elevator Constructor with the best possible education, creating an Elevator Mechanic that is second to none. Classroom 2.0 and the technology that comes with it is an important part of this process.”

NEIEP’s top-class technology, industry-leading educational material, and experienced educators play a pivotal role in maintaining NEIEP’s position as an innovative and exciting program for the next generation of IUEC Elevator Constructors.