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College Options for NEIEP Graduates
Photo Courtesy of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana


Especially in today's economy, a college degree is key to success. There are many reasons NEIEP graduates choose to continue their education beyond the apprenticeship program. Maybe you've always wanted a college degree, but thought you'd never have the time or the opportunity. Maybe you started college years ago, and never finished. Maybe you’re a NEIEP instructor who wants to sharpen your skills as an educator. Maybe you’d like to advance in your career, and are looking for something to give you an edge over your competition.

NEIEP has joined in partnership with several colleges and universities to provide college credit for the work you completed as a student in the NEIEP Apprenticeship Training program. By taking advantage of these, you can receive college credit for your classroom-based course work as well as your On-The-Job learning hours.

So which of our college options is right for you?

We recommend you take some time to review all of them, and determine which is the best fit for your unique situation.


Photo Courtesy of Goddard College
Would you like to study from home, have the freedom to develop your own course of learning suited to your interests and professional goals, and earn your Bachelor's degree in as little as 3 semesters? Check out Goddard College.
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Ivy Tech

Photo Courtesy of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
Would you like to earn an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences by taking online courses? Ivy Tech Community College might be right for you.
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Thomas Edison

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Edison State College
Are you interested in earning your degree completely online? Thomas Edison State College offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs that may be completed entirely through the College's online and distance learning courses. The college can also 'bundle' your NEIEP credits and provide you with a portable transcript to use at a college of your choice.
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Community College of Baltimore County

Photo Courtesy of Community College of Baltimore County
Do you live in the Baltimore/DC area, and are you interested in earning your Associates Degree as a Construction Craft Professional? Community College of Baltimore County might be right for you.
Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium

Photo Courtesy of US Department of Labor
Would you like to attend a community, state, or technical college in your area? Check out NEIEP’s partnerships with more than 100 schools at close to 400 campus locations across the United States through the US Department of Labor’s Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium .

College Option Comparison Chart

Photo Courtesy of Goddard College

This chart provides an overview of college transfer programs available for NEIEP graduates.

College Degree Program(s) Offered NEIEP transfer credit assessment Credits needed to complete degree 2014-2015 tuition cost per credit (not including additional fees)
Ivy Tech Community College Associates Degree in Applied Science (Online) 45 (no additional transfer credit) 15 for AAS – all online. Visit $156.50/credit hour (not including fees) for out of state. See website for in-state, military, and other rates.
Goddard College Bachelors Degree in Individualized Studies (Low-residency) 52 (also accepts addit. transfer/ military/ prior learning credit) 45 – 68 for BA, depending on incoming transfer credits. Must attend 1-week residency @ VT campus at the start of each semester. Visit to learn more. Approximately $516/credit hour (including some fees)
Thomas Edison State College (Degree Option) Associates and Bachelors Degrees (Online) in a variety of programs 38 (will also accept additional transfer credits) AA/AS: 15-22; BA/BS: 45-82, depending on incoming transfer credits. Visit to learn more. $520/credit hour (not inc. fees) for out of state students. See site for in-state, comprehensive discounted, & other rates.
Thomas Edison State College (Portable Transcript Option) Transcript only. TESC will “bundle” the 36 college credits you earned at NEIEP to transfer. 38 This depends on your unique situation. Visit to learn more. N/A. Transcripting fee applies. See the NonDegree Service Application .
Community College of Baltimore County Associates in Construction Craft Professional 24 (also accepts transfer / military credits) Associates Degree: 15-36, depending on incoming non-NEIEP transfer credits. For a breakdown of credits needed, visit and search for “Construction Craft Professional” In-state transfer from apprenticeship, contact program director for details; out of state $324/credit hour (not including fees).
US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium Associates and Bachelors Degrees (classroom-based and online) in a variety of programs. Up to 38; varies by college. Contact colleges directly for more information. Varies by college. Contact colleges directly for more information. Varies by college. Contact colleges directly for more information.

Costs are approximate, may change without notice, and may not include additional fees. Please verify all transfer requirements and tuition/fee info with your college before enrolling. Check with your company to see if they offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit – many do. More info, including videos, is available on the NEIEP website under the ‘About’ tab on the main page (see ‘College Options’). To speak with someone at NEIEP about your college options, please call or email Maggie Cleveland, Curriculum Development & Credentialing Manager, at 508-699-2200 x 6121 or

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Edison State College